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Fraud and Theft Are an Ongoing Problem For Shipping Companies

pirates stealing a shipping containerFraud and theft is a plague on every industry. Criminals live by no specific boundaries and contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, the majority of them are not specialists. In reality, criminals are opportunists, waiting patiently until that golden moment presents itself. At that moment, they strike and affect shipping lines without a second thought.

While some of them are organized, criminals for the most part are impulsive. This means that in certain industries, crimes like fraud and theft happen more often. The bigger the payout, the more attractive it is to criminals. In the shipping industry for example, where opportunities present themselves at ports and on waterways around the world, fraud, theft and piracy are an ongoing problem for shipping industry leaders.

Fraud, like any other crime tends to ride the waves of technology. More and more advances are being made in the technology industry but many of them are known to the criminals before they are to the general population. Technology is often times pushed in an effort to thwart thieves and fraudsters. Rushing out new technology to industries like shipping and security is commonplace but, it is mostly a wasted effort. As the technology grows, so does the knowledge of those who strike at its weaknesses.

Ship owners, container owners and all those in-between must learn to do their parts equally to defend against fraud and theft in the container shipping industry. There is no amount of hi-tech gadgetry that will prevent the next wave of younger, smarter criminals from doing their job. This is an ever-growing problem and it only stands to worsen as time goes on. When this happens, it can raise rates not just in the shipping industry, but in every industry it touches. Since shipping is the industry that fuels every other, we must remember to keep a watchful eye. Remember to be thorough. Remember to be effective and efficient, rather than fast and cheap.