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What You Need to Know Before Shipping Your Car Overseas

Shipping your car overseas can be difficult. Cars are very heavy, valuable, and easily damaged. In fact, many car owners cannot even go to the supermarket without getting a scratch (or worse) on their vehicle. So, given the risks driving across town, you can imagine the care and knowledge that is required when shipping a car overseas.

  • Care: Because no one wants a damaged vehicle.
  • Knowledge: Because there are a number of regulations concerning shipping cars overseas.

Before you can ship your vehicle you need to prepare it for transit by making the proper arrangements for shipping, and negotiating all of the legal requirements associated.

The legal requirements involve

  1. Making the vehicle safe for transit
  2. Removing any items that may be restricted in the new location
  3. Proving that you are the owner of the car

Preparing for Safe Transit

This will involve draining all of the fluids from the car. This includes the transmission fluid, oil, gas, and all of the coolant in the car’s radiator. Nearly everyone forgets to drain a car’s windshield wiper fluid. It’s also important to make sure that there are no loose parts on the car. Loose parts can wreak havoc on the vehicles cosmetics – that goes for the interior and the exterior.

Checking for Restricted Items

The most common restricted items are insects and plant life. These things tend to find a way to ‘hitchhike’ on your vehicle, so be sure to check for them carefully. It’s a good idea to look over the entire car in order to make sure that there are not any unwanted passengers.

Passing Customs

The final part of shipping a car is getting it on and off of the boat. It is a good idea to hire a shipping company for this. They can rent a shipping container, load the car and arrange for it to be taken off of the boat in its new port.

A professional container shipping company can handle many important things. This includes making sure that titles and other documents are given to the proper people. They will also make certain the car is inspected without it being damaged, and that everything is well-prepared to ensure your vehicle clears customs without delay. These professionals can also arrange for the car to be stored so that you can pick it up when you get to the new location.

When it is all done, you want your car to be ready and waiting for you. Surprises can be very costly. If you are mindful of the steps above, you will be happy and your vehicle will be safe and secure.