Global Container Market Could Reach 731 Million TEUs by 2017

ship carrying shipping containersIn a report released by GIA, the market for shipping containers will reach 731 TEUs by 2017. This is due to the fact there will be increased trade, combined with developments in shipping networks and trans-shipment hubs, as well as increased investments in world ports; that will facilitate the increased capacities.

Economic stimulus packages by China, that are focused on sea transport development, will also be a factor in the ever-increasing demand; for shipping containers. Also India and other middle-eastern countries are developing their own economic opportunities, by increasing their cargo hubs, deregulating and increasing inter-regional trade. It can be expected that this too will further increase the demand for shipping containers; and the need for ongoing container investment.

Some say that shipping containers are the foundation of an efficient automated system, for the worldwide transportation of cargo. Many claim the shipping container is the greatest invention, of the last 50 years. Since its widespread implementation, it has lowered transportaion costs to all-time lows, while stimulating a boom in world trade. In effect, they are seen as the building blocks of the modern economy, because of the fact that they have introduced efficiency, to the manner in which goods are transported; all around the world.

In the next few years, the shipping industry’s growth will be predominately driven by developing countries, within the Asia-Pacific region. The continuing industrial development, in partnership with expanding commercial operations and combined with inevitable trade activities, will undoubtedly increase the global demand for shipping containers; making them a safe investment alternative for investors.

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