Global Economy Measured By Demand For Shipping Containers

shipping containers at a shipping portSome investment experts, when looking to speculate on the overall growth of the world’s economy, use particular criteria to determine their projections. One of them being shipping container traffic. It is an excellent indicator, as it can display past patterns and trends in any specific region, and then that relevant information can be used to more accurately forecast the future. When all the global regions’ traffic numbers are added up and analysed, it clearly shows that shipping container demand has been growing steady over the past twenty years, coinciding with the relative growth in the global economy.

The main question for investors is, just how big is the global economy projected to grow to in the future? For many analysts, the answer will help to determine how steady and strong the demand for the supply of shipping containers will actually be, over the course of the same time period. Many experts believe that there are a number of positive indicators, that an “economic boom” is on the horizon, an expected to unfold in the middle of this decade. These strong indicators include: the world’s population is growing, prosperity is spreading in emerging markets, the global consumer base is increasing at a rapid rate, trillions of dollars are being spent world-wide in an effort to modernize and upgrade port infrastructures and global trade barriers are being relaxed and restructured; just to name a few.

Furthermore, many analysts believe that the opening of the $5 billion Panama Canal expansion, will signal the start of the new 21st Century era of global trade that will be more inclusive and prosperous, than it ever was before. Confirmation will ultimately be the scene of fleets of giant post-panamax vessels, carrying many more shipping containers through the new channel, and delivering them to an ever-growing population of increasingly wealthy global consumers. The future of the global economy looks promising. To see for yourself, just do what the financial experts do: count the tens of millions of shipping containers that are working every hour, of every day; nearly everywhere in the world.

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  1. All those countries wouldn’t be investing so much money if they didn’t believe it was going to pay off at some point in the future. The world economy is growing and regions must prepare for it or be prepared to lose out if they don’t.

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