More Shipping Containers Needed to Accommodate Rising Demand

Many investors, who are considering making an investment in shipping containers, are asking themselves; who will lease my shipping container investments? The answer to this common question is as simple as the opportunity. Manufacturers and shipping companies all across the globe, are struggling to meet the demands of their clients. This creates a profitable opportunity for shipping container investors, to generate income from shipping container leasing.

The combination of the Panama Canal expansion and rising consumer demand from emerging markets, has created a steadily rising demand for shipping containers and reliable shipping services. Thus, with bigger ships carrying more containers arriving at shipping ports around the world, there is a need to provide a continuous supply of shipping containers, to consistently accommodate the growing needs of post panamax vessels and international consumers.

At the moment, this steady demand for containers is being fueled by the incredible growth of emerging markets, as well as the strength of well-established countries in Asia; like China and India. How powerful is this driving force? Analysts predict that the global container market could reach 731 million TEU, by 2017. These are extremely encouraging numbers, for shipping container investors and container management and leasing companies.

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