Natural Anxiety Pills

Natural Anxiety Pills
Natural Anxiety Pills

More than 40 million people in America alone suffer from some kind of anxiety disorder. As the most prevalent mental issue, it is commonly addressed with powerful psychiatric drugs. While these treatments are sometimes effective, the truth is that they can have dangerous–or at least undesirable–side effects. In all but the most serious cases, natural remedies can provide big results. In this article we’ll look at the side effects of some psychiatric meds and break down a few ingredients you should look for in effective, natural anxiety pills.

Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs

There are a wide range of drugs that are used to address anxiety. Some of these are specific to the symptoms of anxiety, but others are repurposed compounds originally used as anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, or anti-psychotics. Some of the most popular include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, and Prozac. These potent drugs work through a variety of mechanisms, some of which affect your levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter thought to be associated with anxiety). While these treatments are often effective, they do present a variety of potential side effects, including nausea, dizziness, cognitive decline, blurred vision, and, in rare cases, suicidal thoughts. Some also carry a risk of addiction.

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Natural Anxiety PillsNatural Anxiety Pills

Anxiety may be on the rise, but it is nothing new. For centuries, healing arts like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have found success treating issues of the mind by taking into consideration both external and internal factors. herbal remedies serve as the center-piece for these practices and over the generations, healers have identified a number of naturally available plants, flowers, and tress that can reduce stress, promote calm, and eliminate the sense of persistent, irrational worry that comes with anxiety. You should look for natural anxiety pills that contain some or all of the following:

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St. John’s Wort: A native plant in many subtropical regions around the world, St. John’s Wort is an effective natural supplement for reducing depression with minimal side effects. While it is effective in dealing with anxiety, it does bear some dangerous drug interactions.

Hedychium spicatum: Known as Shati in Ayurveda, this plant provides real benefits to cough and fever, and its anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for self-reported levels of anxiety.

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Myristica Fragrans: This widespread herb is the source for the nutmeg in your spice rack, but research is finding that it bears significant anxiolytic properties–meaning it has a measurable effect on anxiety.

Aquilaria agallocha: Also known as eaglewood or agarwood, this large evergreen tree from Asia has long been used for its benefits to inflammation as well its potent effect on an imbalanced mind. Few ingredients can promote a focused calm as effectively as eaglewood.

If you looking for natural anxiety pills, we’ve already done the research for you. Try one of these products below today and start taking back your life.

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