Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety
Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is on the rise. With more reported cases than any other mental issue, and a wide range of symptoms and classifications, tens of millions of people in America alone suffer from some kind of anxiety. While in many cases, you should seek psychiatric help, people are increasingly turning to traditional alternatives to powerful medications. The truth is that Xanax, Valium, and other anxiolytic (ant anxiety) drugs do work for some people, but there can be serious side effects. In this article, we’ll look at natural ways to reduce anxiety including diet, exercise, and herbal supplements.

Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

For centuries, traditional healing practices have recognized the primacy of both external and internal factors when it comes to mental illness. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, which can include difficulty sleeping, nervous behaviors, and a persistent sense of irrational worry, there may be many reasons why. Between the ordinary circumstances of life, a predisposition to anxiety, and seemingly unrelated issues like inflammation, there is often more than one “cause.” Let’s look at some natural ways to reduce anxiety:

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Diet for Anxiety: There is some truth to the saying “you are what you eat.” A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, with lean proteins and whole grains, has a plethora of health benefits. Not only can eating this way boost your metabolism, give you more energy, and improve your immune system, research indicates that eating a more Mediterranean diet can reduce or eliminate anxiety by promoting the healthy regulation of neurotransmitters like serotonin.

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Exercise for Anxiety: We all know we’re supposed to exercise, but sometimes a sense of anxiety can make it even more difficult to get motivated. It can seem like just one more thing to worry about. And yet, it might be one of the best natural ways to reduce anxiety. With just a little bit of exercise a few times a week, you can experience tremendous benefit to your immune system and mood. Try simply adding a brisk walk to your routine.Ayurvedic Medicines

Herbs for Anxiety: Ayurveda, a centuries old healing art from the Indian subcontinent, has identified a number of herbs and plants that can help to ease anxiety. These work by either regulating crucial happiness neurotransmitters like serotonin, promoting relaxation and healthy circulation, or reducing inflammation. Some of the best herbs available include:

  • Aquilaria agallocha, prized for its anti-inflammatory effects and ability to restore mental balance.
  • Myristica Fragrans, the source for conventional nutmeg, which can provide significant relief of the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Velvet Bean, or mucuna pruriens, is a central ingredient in Ayurveda. Research indicates that its effects on anxiety are real, and its chemical composition likely promotes healthy regulation of dopamine and serotonin.
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These herbs represent just a few of the natural ways to reduce anxiety. Try one of the 100% natural products below, which include the above ingredients along with other synergistic herbs to provide an effective, daily benefit for the symptoms of anxiety.

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