Should I Invest in Pacific Tycoon Containers or is it a Scam

questions about pacific tycoon container investingAlmost two years ago I asked myself, “should I invest in shipping containers with Pacific Tycoon, or is it a scam?” Nowadays, I have peers and colleagues asking me the same question. I suppose the fact that nearly 2 years has passed and I am still very happy and more confident than ever, is a clear indication of my opinion about the opportunity. So, to save myself from repeating my experience over and over again, I will share my thoughts in this blog post so it can be referenced and reviewed in the future when I am addressing more questions about whether Pacific Tycoon’s container investments are a scam; or not.

For me, investing in shipping containers was a business that was easy to understand. In order to participate in this opportunity, investors use their investment money to purchase a small fleet of shipping containers and then, with the help of Pacific Tycoon; lease them to shipping companies. Month after month the company’s shipping containers are deployed in prospering regions and emerging markets around the world, feeding the rising consumer demand.

In taking the time to learn about the investment before investing, I discovered the unique relationship that shipping containers have with the global economy and the contributions they make everyday to its ongoing recovery and growth. Quite simply, to improve GDP countries have to start transporting more cargo in containers, to international shipping ports and consumers. In doing so, this will translate into steady revenues from the lease of shipping containers and in turn, provide a great investment experience and monthly income for Pacific Tycoon’s investors.

earn money from container leasesIn the past, my experience with investment providers was distant and seemingly unapproachable. In fact, it was the traditional investment environment that made me uneasy and left wondering if I was going to be the victim of a scam, or worse; a broker’s greed. On the other hand, the staff at Pacific Tycoon has always been friendly and inviting, and above all; eager to discuss world markets or the global container shipping industry. Unlike many of the brokers and bankers I have had dealings with in the past, Pacific Tycoon appears genuinely interested in establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with their business partners/investors. For me, this was a welcome change from my interactions with institutional investors and big investment firms.

Whether investing in Pacific Tycoon or any other investment offering, when it comes time to make the final investment decision, investors should only invest in: 1) opportunities they completely understand and 2) companies they truly believe in. I assume I have made it clear where I stand on both of these principles, particularly if you are asking me if I recommend Pacific Tycoon and/or do I know of anyone else who has reviewed their investment Pacific Tycoon?

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  1. I totally agree, my experience with Pacific Tycoon is very similar to yours, and I don’t get all the “scam” cries when there is not real evidence that the company is a scam is any way… great post!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your post.
      I am looking at investing with Pacific Tycoon at present and they are sending me the documentation.
      I understand that you can get a guaranteed 12.5% or 30% of gross. Do they send you schedules of earnings?

      • Mr Sean, I can only speak to the guaranteed 12% from Pacific Tycoon, which is paying me monthly and I am receiving documentation for. I have no deep knowledge of the 30% of gross option you are speaking of. Sorry I can be of little help answering that question.

    • Many thanks for your comment Mr. John H. Over the course of my investment with Pacific Tycoon I have seen many of these (false) complaints come and go. I often wonder if it is not one of their competition. Nevertheless, it all appears to be unsubstantiated, as I have not seen one legitimate complaint emerge that is supported by fact.

      So far I am a happy Pacific Tycoon investor and I have spoke to many other container owners who are very happy as well.

  2. I am looking for and investment and I am considering investing my hard earned savings with PacificTycoon. I am thinking about starting with one container. I am quite nervous about it since I do not want to loose my money in any scam. I guess that I am looking for re-assurance. Would I be making the right decision?

    • Hello Mr. Stephen. With regards to investing or not investing, and purchasing 1 container or 10, I strongly suggest you do what you are the most confident with. Please understand that I spent a lot of time looking at the industry and also at other container investment providers. When I was confident that this was the investment I wanted and Pacific Tycoon was the partner I needed, I moved forward. Not one minute before.

    • There is a saying:

      Before you start some work, always ask yourself 3 questions: Why am I doing this, what might the results be and will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, should you proceed.

      आप कुछ काम शुरू करने से पहले, हमेशा अपने आप को 3 प्रश्न पूछना. क्यों मैं यह कर रहा हूँ. परिणाम क्या हो सकता है. मैं सफल हो जाएगा. आप गहराई से सोचते हैं और इन सवालों के संतोषजनक जवाब मिल ही करते हैं, तो आपको आगे बढ़ना चाहिए.

  3. Salam Mohamed, are you still investing with Pacific Tycoon because I plan to invest with them , but they never answer the phone when I do call them that does scare me because I did not even start investing and look how they behave.

    Thanks brother.

    • Salam my Friend! Have you tried email contact? Their office is in Hong Kong, are you calling during business hours there? On any occasion when I have called I get a receptionist or a message. Either way, I speak to someone in a reasonable amount of time. Your situation does seem odd.

  4. I would really appreciate if anyone of you can provide me with some certainty information about PacificTycoon. Why is there so much confusion about Pacific Tycoon? Why do they call you again and again to send them money if it is such a good business?

    • Unfortunately Khan Tahir Majeed, as you are aware, there are few certainties in investing. I based my decision about Pacific Tycoon’s offerings on the industry research I conducted and my lengthy conversations with the company, as well as other investors.

      As far as the confusion about Pacific Tycoon, there seems to be a lot of accusations that have not been substantiated with any conclusive proof. There are at least as many good reports I have seen.

      Also, if you do not want to invest in shipping containers with them, the next time they call you, tell them you are not investing. If I wasn’t interested in Pacific Tycoon’s offer, I would have told them after the first call.

  5. Dear Mohammed,
    It makes great business sense for PT as below.
    Investment 3,900
    Returns (agreessive model) 22% (Average return per my research)
    Returns in US$ 858 (22% of US$ 3900)
    Returns as % of Gross Profit 30% (From PT’s draft contract)
    Gross Profit share to PT 70% (balance of 30%)
    Gross Profit share to PT in US$ 2,002 (858 / 30% x 70%)

    This US$ 2002 is without any investment from their side and after setting off their direct costs (not defined in their contract). This makes excellent business sense if you have good relationship and business contacts with lot of shipping companies.

  6. Hi i to am thinking of investing with PT, i have been in touch with them, and they have called me and sent all the documentation. I have researched all the good and the bad reports about them, but as has already been mentioned there is not one report where someone has lost money. I am thinking of purchasing 2 containers and doing the aggressive rental, as this will give more income provided of course if there is the demand. I would appreciate any comments on aggressive versus guatanteed income, and also has anyone been ripped off by PT. Thanks. Keith

    • Mr. Keith. I have also read many of the good and bad reports. Like you I have not been able to find even one person who has lost money with Pacific Tycoon. In fact, I saw a post where a lady had sold her containers back to Pacific Tycoon after earning her 12% return for a year. As for me, so far all of my payments have been received on time and I am very happy with my decision to partner with them.

  7. Hi Mohammed,

    how long have you been an investor with pacific tycoon? and how many containers do you have now? How did you research if they were a real company or a scam?


    • Hello Jaya. 5. In February 2014 it will be 2 years since beginning my agreement with Pacific Tycoon. At that time there was not nearly as much information about the company or investing in containers. I spent weeks doing research on the shipping industry and the other similar companies, and I made a list of 15-20 questions that had to be satisfied before I would go ahead. The Pacific Tycoon representative spent hours responding to my questions. In the end I was certain it was not a scam.

      • Dear Mohammed, I have been reading the thread of your comments. Like the other gentleman I am looking to invest.
        Of the questions you asked would it be possible to share with us those questions. My main concern is an exit strategy and what rate of return you get on the buyback option to sell the container. Also who covers the insurance costs. many thanks gary

    • Hi
      I am also an investor with PT. I bought my first container in Aug 2012.

      I am very happy with their service and my average earnings on the aggressive plan vary between 16% and 21%.

      I have also seen the negative comments and if you look deeper you will see that they have no substance.

      I feel comfortable with PT and can recommend it.

  8. Hi Mohammed

    I am interested in investing with PT and am in the process of doing my research. I was wondering if you could tell me what the possible risks are with the aggressive model as apposed to the guaranteed 12% model? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello Mr. Brad. As I said to Mr. Sean above, I am only familiar with the terms of the Pacific Tycoon 12% guaranteed. I would think that the aggressive model would be accompanied by a risk for lower returns. I am what other investors call “risk-adverse.” Less risk is always better for me. I will always choose less return for less risk. Having “guaranteed” is nice.

    • Hi Brad
      I am buying my containers on the aggressive plan. The risk is basically located in the industry. If the demand for containers slow down the earnning can drop to 0%. With the 12% plan you will keep on earning even if PT cannot get a lease contract for you container. Current the demand is at a high and therefore the earnings are better with the aggressive plan, but no one can predict the future.

  9. I invested with PT for 2 years on the aggressive plan and had no problem’s whatsoever. I did the aggressive plan and received 23% a month. Sold my containers after 2 years and got my capital back. Great investment!

    • hi iam thinking of doing exactly what you have done and hearing your experience is a comfort nobody wants to be scammed i was nearly by an investment co in gibraltor offering me shares in a ten well iol program in kentucky after doing my research with the securities regulator their claims were false and the drilling operators were known as people who you can neer trust and were banned from drilling in kentucky lucky escape for me e

  10. Hi Mr Osman

    I am looking to invest in PT.
    After reading your replies above, that have been very helpful, what would have been your top 10 questions you asked that satisfied your reservations before investing.
    Please give your advice.

  11. Hello,
    Are there any other investors in pacific tycoon in this blog from the UK ? Please share your story/thoughts. I really did not find a much certain recommendation for PT. I am still searching

  12. Hello investors,
    Can any investor who invested to PT tell us what was ROI of year 2013 and dec 2013 just for our interest.i mean in aggreation plan.And is there any investor visited PT office in hongkong can give to us his opinion.

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